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16 Inches 128Hz Trident Tuning Fork - Extended Resonance, Ancient Healing Frequency, Professional Sound Therapy Tool with Striker

Sale price$775.00

Discover the Deep Resonance of Our Exclusive 16-inch 128Hz Trident Tuning Fork

Elevate your healing practice with our extraordinary 16-inch Trident tuning fork, meticulously crafted to deliver not only therapeutic sound but also a visual statement. This tuning fork, tuned to the potent frequency of 128Hz, is celebrated for its historical and modern healing applications. The 128Hz frequency is particularly valued in sound therapy for its ability to help reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance the flow of energy in the body, aligning with the principles of ancient healing traditions.

The standout feature of this tuning fork is its impressive 16-inch length, making it a rare and unique tool in the realm of sound healing. The extended size enhances the vibrational output, allowing the deep, clear tone of 128Hz to resonate with lasting effect. When struck, this tuning fork sustains its pure tone up to 20 times longer than standard-sized forks, providing an extended duration of sound that enhances therapeutic sessions by allowing for prolonged exposure to its healing vibrations.

This Trident design is not only aesthetically striking but also functional, amplifying the fork's resonance and making each session with it a profound healing experience. It’s perfect for therapists who wish to incorporate a visually and acoustically powerful tool into their practice, as well as for individuals seeking a meditative aid that offers both visual beauty and sonic depth.

Whether used in professional therapeutic settings or personal wellness routines, this tuning fork promises to be a transformative addition to your healing toolkit, bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary design.