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12-Inch Emerald Crystal Singing Bowl - F# Note with Secure Padded Case, Striker and O-Rings

Sale price$345.00

Discover the healing power of sound with our 12-inch emerald crystal singing bowl, precisely tuned to the F# note. This stunning bowl is not only a beautiful piece for any space but also an essential tool for meditation, sound therapy, and chakra alignment.


Size: 12 inches in diameter
Material: Premium emerald crystal
Tuning: F# note, ideal for higher heart (thymus) chakra healing
Sound: Produces a clear, resonant tone that enhances meditation and promotes emotional balance
Included Accessories:

Secure Padded Case: Protects your bowl during transport and storage
Striker: High-quality striker for producing beautiful sounds
O-Ring: Ensures stability and prevents the bowl from tipping

Healing & Meditation: Perfect for deepening meditation practices and supporting emotional and spiritual healing
Sound Therapy: Great for sound baths, reducing stress, anxiety, and tension
Aesthetic Appeal: The emerald crystal adds a touch of elegance to any environment
Usage Tips:

Placement: Place on a flat surface with the included O-ring for stability
Playing: Gently strike the bowl’s rim with the striker or rub along the rim to produce a harmonious sound
Add this exquisite emerald crystal singing bowl to your collection and experience the profound benefits of sound healing. Perfect for personal use, therapeutic settings, or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Title: "F# Note 12-Inch Emerald Crystal Singing Bowl + Secure Case & Striker"

Enhance your spiritual practice with our 12-inch emerald crystal singing bowl, tuned to the F# note. This bowl is meticulously crafted to provide a resonant and healing sound, perfect for meditation and sound therapy.


Size: 12 inches in diameter
Material: High-quality emerald crystal
Tuning: F# note, associated with the higher heart chakra
Sound: Clear and resonant tone that soothes and heals
Included Accessories:

Padded Case: Provides secure storage and easy transport
Striker: Included for producing soothing sounds
O-Ring: Keeps the bowl stable during use

Meditation & Healing: Ideal for enhancing meditation sessions and supporting emotional well-being
Sound Therapy: Effective in sound baths and therapeutic environments
Decorative Appeal: The emerald crystal offers a beautiful addition to any space
How to Use:

Stability: Use the O-ring to keep the bowl stable on a flat surface
Sound Production: Strike or rub the bowl with the striker to produce healing vibrations
Bring the harmonious energy of our emerald crystal singing bowl into your life and experience the transformative power of sound. This bowl makes a perfect gift for those who value holistic healing and beautiful craftsmanship.