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111 Hz Mood Enhancer Tuner with Mallet and Velvet Pouch

Sale price$57.75

The 111 Hz frequency is related with the production of endorphins and known to aid in cell rejuvenation and regeneration. Endorphins elevates our mood, gives us a feeling of happiness and joy, increases empathy and improves our focus and memory. MRI scans show that the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex and deactivates the language center that is responsible for holistic processing, creativity, intuition, and inducing a phase at exactly 111 hz. This reaction results in a divine level of meditation, the trance that some believe allows you to get connected with our creator. Many will use this fork also with the 110 Hz stomach fork for sound facials.
Benefits: Pain relief Increased empathy Improved memory Cell regeneration Endorphin production Mood elevation Comes in a attractive velvet bag.