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11 inch D# Emerald Gem Fused Crystal singing Bowl with Padded Secure Case, Striker and O-Rings

Sale price$385.00

Experience the enchanting tones of our 11-inch D# Emerald Gem Fused Crystal Singing Bowl, a masterpiece that combines the beauty of emerald with the healing power of sound. This exquisite bowl comes with a padded secure case, a striker, and O-rings, providing everything you need for your sound healing and meditation practices.

Key Features:

D# Sharp Note: Tuned to the D# sharp note, this singing bowl resonates with a unique frequency that enhances clarity and transformation. The sharp note adds a distinct vibrational quality, making it particularly effective for sound healing.
Emerald Gem Fusion: Infused with emerald gems, this bowl not only produces beautiful tones but also harnesses the metaphysical properties of emerald, which is known for promoting balance, growth, and healing.
High-Quality Crystal: Crafted from premium crystal, this bowl ensures clear, resonant tones that facilitate deep relaxation and meditation.
Complete Set:

Padded Secure Case: Protect your singing bowl with the included padded case, perfect for safe storage and easy transport.
Striker: Comes with a high-quality striker designed to produce clear, resonant tones with ease.
O-rings: Includes O-rings to ensure stability during use, preventing slipping and enhancing sound quality.

Sound Healing: Use this bowl to balance and align your energy centers, promoting overall well-being and relaxation.
Meditation Aid: The D# sharp note and emerald infusion help deepen your meditation practice, bringing clarity and transformative energy.
Chakra Alignment: Particularly effective for aligning the Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing personal power and confidence.
The 11-inch D# Emerald Gem Fused Crystal Singing Bowl is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual and healing practices. The unique combination of emerald fusion and the D# sharp note creates a vibrational experience that is both transformative and soothing.

Order yours today and elevate your meditation and sound healing sessions with this exquisite crystal singing bowl.