What Does It Mean When A Singing Bowl Breaks? Here Is The Answer

What Does It Mean When A Singing Bowl Breaks? Here Is The Answer

There are lots of people who are thinking about exactly what does it mean when a singing bowl breaks. Does it is a good song or bad?

Singing bowls are a type of home tool that is used for generating and vibrating the sound. On the other hand, these bowls are mainly used for spiritual practices meditation, and relaxation purposes. 

In this article, we will answer your question about what does it mean when a singing bowl breaks. Let’s start.


What Does It Mean When A Singing Bowl Breaks?

What Does It Mean When A Singing Bowl Breaks


Well, lots of people think that it is not good for your health and some people think that if your singing bowls break then it will affect your health and your lifestyle.

Don’t be worried about these sequences because this is not the truth. These are only the myths that some people speak over the internet.

If your singing bowls break then it shows that you aren’t taking care of your singing bowls properly. If you are also thinking that breaking your singing bowls shows bad spirit, then it’s not the truth.

Singing bowls have a very long history and people have been using singing bowls therapies for more than 70+ years also researchers said that it is a very effective therapy that they will you once definitely try.

The singing bowl is a multi-use purpose tool that is used for many purposes such as meditation use purpose, exercise purpose, relaxation purpose, mental issues, and many more.

We recently wrote an article about crystal singing bowls and metal singing bowls which is best and why if you are interested to know about it you can also check out this.


Top 3 Tips On How To Avoid Singing Bowls Breaking Problem?

What Does It Mean When A Singing Bowl Breaks


Below we share with you some important tips that will help to prevent the singing bowls from breaking history. I strongly recommend you follow these tips.


Remove Jewelry While Playing The Singing Bowls 

It is one of the most crucial tips that many women ignore. If you wear Jewelry while using the singing bowls then it will cause bangs and breakage issues.

Some singing bowls are repairable and some are not. So I highly suggest you avoid wearing jewelry while using the singing bowls.


Use Carrying Case 

Basically carrying a case will help you to protect your singing bowls from several scratches and breakages. There are lots of types of cases available on the market according to the size of your singing bowls choose the best case.

I would recommend you to use plastic bags. I personally used plastic bags since 2013 and it will give me the best results.

It does not matter whether you are traveling or not, I would recommend you use plastic cases for your singing bowls.


Don’t Place Your Singing Bowls Around The Pets 

In the United States of America, there are lots of families adopting pets. Pets are looking very cute and gorgeous, but they are also very naughty.

If you place singing bowls around your pet then they start to play with them and chances are high that they will make scratches and break them because they do not know how important is singing bowls.

For this reason, I will strongly suggest you avoid placing the bowls around your pet rooms. You can place the bowls in your living room, in your bedroom, in your meditation rooms, etc.


Other Ways To Use A Broken Singing Bowl 

What Does It Mean When A Singing Bowl Breaks


If your singing bowl is already broken and you are thinking about how you can use it in different ways then don’t be worried about this. Below we discuss with you some interesting and exciting methods you can apply to re-use your singing bowls.

Use It As A Flower Pot: I think it is the most exciting way to use your broken singing bowl as a flower pot. Personally, I use my many broken singing bowls as the flower pot. Singing bowls look very premium and it will enhance the beauty of your flower trees.

Decorating Items: If your singing bowl is broken then you can use it as a decorating item. Trust it will boost your entire room. Crystal singing bowls are very colourful and look very premium which easily blows anyone’s mind.

Pen Holder: You can also use your broken singing bowl as a pen holder and trust me it is also a good and different idea to recycle it. You can also use it for many craft ideas.


Best Methods To Clean Broken Singing Bowl Pieces

There are lots of methods available to clean your broken singing bowl pieces but below we discuss with you some of the best and most effective methods to clean these pieces which I personally use many times. Let’s discuss it.


Using Vacuum Cleaner 

The vacuum cleaner is one of my favorite methods which I personally recommend to you. There are many types of vacuum cleaners, such as robot vacuum cleaners, hand-help vacuum cleaners, mattress-cleaning vacuum cleanersvinyl floor-cleaning vacuum cleaners, and many more.

I would recommend you use a house surface cleaning vacuum cleaner. It will very effectively vacuum all the small pieces.


Using Clay Method

The clay method is also a very effective method that you can use for removing the small pieces. You just need to take a small-sized clay and simply apply it to the surface where the pieces fall.


Sweeping Method

Sweeping is also a good method for cleaning your broken singing bowl pieces. I would recommend that while cleaning the pieces wear sandals and gloves so that you will not face any health injuries.


Final Thoughts 

I hope this article is helpful for you and you will get your answer about what does it mean when a singing bowl breaks. If you have any query or any doubt regarding this article you can directly contact us by vising our Contact Us page. Thank you for visiting us. 

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